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What do you feel about the human/vamp, feedbacks please

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Post by AnonymousPro on Fri Sep 02, 2016 6:46 am

Hi, you are reading this from CuteCuterCutest.
I am a member from wc3edit and not a dev, so I may have a lot to learn from map devs.
My aim is to keep vampirism SPEED updated to maintain remaining players on wc3 and  also bring the game back on the hype.
The new version is no longer called v2.48
but VampirismSPEED Another v1.00
This project is currently done all by myself, so it would be slow. I have seen the map modified by rarigate, I think it would be good if we can collaborate on this.
Due to the lack of original files, I have focused on the balancing and not introducing new items yet.
So far a brief intro of what I've done is as follows.
-Introduce Ban systems(one of it will be affecting bug exploit players) another one hasn't been utilized yet, might be used on maphackers.
-info tweaks and changes on preview and naming files
-New observer unit after -dead- vampire, used to help the vampire to spy.
-Pudge revamp. Removed hooks, increased hp, and possibly nerf/buff damage.
-leaderboard modifications
-timer changes

I also have the complete listfile, which makes rebuilding easier.
I might go for deprotection and then do restoration in the coming versions.

A letter to SaMmM (copied)
SaMmM I hope you approve this. This is CuteCuterCutest, someone who loves playing your Versus base Defence maps. was long down and it was hard to find you, tried to contact you for approval but it's not getting responses.
I have, created a vampirismSPEED Another v1.00 in 2013 based on your last presented work.
It will still be vampirism SPEED, but may possibly set off with a different strategy of gameplay. Changelogs will be reflected here

Your approval and possibly raw files can mean something to this project. Thanks!
I do not know how much effort I'm going to put into the map, but hopefully it keeps getting updated.


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