Jeep autoturrets, things you should know, and random challenges

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Jeep autoturrets, things you should know, and random challenges

Post by randomname on Thu Sep 22, 2011 9:20 am

Hi everyone

I actually play this game fairly frequently, through dotacash hosting. I've played it a lot and have learned a lot about the map, but that being said, there are a few things I haven't figured out.

First topic: Jeeps. The more advanced jeeps say they allow weapon slots and also "auto-turrets". In reality, the basic military jeep offers 1 weapon slot, the next 2, the 3rd 3.
My question is, is there actually an autoturret ability? The possiblities I've tested have not worked: mecha weapons, and using guns without ammo.

Next topic:
There's not a huge amount of resources on this game, so I think it should be put in print at some point:
Easter eggs
there's a barbecued pig (small red pig) in the swamp area. You can kill him in single player by spam clicking, but not in multiplayer. He's immune to spells and has extremely high evasion, so the easiest way to kill him is with a c4 bomb. You can also kill him with a lot of strong turrets, surroudning him, and patience. He drops a really good hp/regen item or +30 damage claws item.
Battleship on the bottom left: if you destroy it you get a lot of wood. Pretty useless since the only way to get in is either blink in and trap yourself or build a mecha, in which case it's probably too late
Stump in the bottom right: gives free fly spray. Very hard to destroy.
Frozen item in the arctic area: kill it for gold or herb.
Hot springs in the middle top trex area: very fast mana/hp regen.
Neutral jeep: can't drive it, but you can destroy it for gas, pistol, happy meal, pepsi, and 2 pistol clips. Spawns randomly.

Other: even with teamkill off, people can kill you with c4 and plasma c4. I add them to a personal banlist, but I hear it used to be common on the bot.
The gamersedge2 bot seems down, so finding a game on us isn't that easy anymore.
Obtaining double score: kill yourself a little before the game ends (copter takes off). It may only work on higher levels where you don't respawn as a dino. The game scores you twice: once for losing normally, once for dying.
Obtaining lots of points: kill lots of dinos. Surviving doesn't give you much.
Early vision: if you're lucky you'll get a barrel telescope and you can collect gold/wood drops early, which is better than mining it pre genetic engineering 2. But you can also use the colored orbs, which have good vision at night, albeit slow movement speed.
Genetic engineering is the best economy booster, mech walls are cheap and quick to tech and insanely strong (especially with a bunker in front), tranqs take care of dinos if they bunch up early, if you have to manage 10 sleeping dinos, c4/plasma c4 them. Pistols are better than shotguns/machine guns early, but assault machine guns are good. Obliterators are better than mechas due to their spells, regen, lack of fuel, and they probably cost less since you don't need to buy weapons.
Adult trexes have a small range and can attack things past obstacles.
You can fire assault machine guns once with a long delay if you tech machine guns (but not assault).
Pepsi can be used as fuel, dino healing balm can be used as druid of the claws regeneration.
You can put a thorn herb on a mech wall
You can't put one on obliterators, but of course you can add repair robots.
FPS mode command is -fps, you can now jumpjet with terrestials with escape (inherited from old versions). -fpsoff turns it off.
Cheap way of countering dinos spawning inside your base is poacher SATs. Lots of hp, fortified, can move (and draw to your tower), aggro long enough for you to tranq, can beat a pteradactyl nipping at your base. Doesn't count against your tower limit.
Poaching hut - armor is pretty awesome.
You can reset obliterator spell cooldowns by exiting and re-entering.
Obliterator second spell kills trees and flies.
You can stack barrel telescopes and night vision goggles for massive vision, very useful if you stick it on an idle jeep in your base.
You can use vehicles to buy wood.
Raptor mode, you can chainstun with 2 raptors, 3 is safer though. You'll get tons of gold from kills, but wood will be your limiting factor. If you can build a jeep next to two megastores, that will help a lot.
Turrets don't seem to get poaching gold, but punching/guns seem to work. Not sure about mecha guns.

Bugs: hulk smash lags game
shooting some weapons with terrestials slow the walk speed. You can fix this by turning off gas and turning it on again
You can keep weapons on even after you turn off the gas, and sometimes you can even exit the terrestial to use it as a turret
ORGANICS offensive buff messes with the defensive cooldown.
Biology hut doesn't seem to heal buildings. Acts as a small fountain.

Weird challenges I've done:
Jurassic 2, whatever. I've seen some clever building wallins and some not so clever tree wallins, hunting's fun. If you have nothing better to do, just hunt.
Biggest mech wall: went to raptor land for more spawns, got to 800 or 1000 base damage.
Tankiest human: mass fruits, see if you can heart of the pig, I think I got to 600 hp.
Mass gold: Harvest as much gold as possible by the end of the game. Massed a lot of computation centers, record is 25k gold.
Dino zoo: 20 Juvenile trexes. Kind of luck dependent.
Punching dinos: level survivor damage, and punch dinos to death. Hulks smash causes lag spikes, so you have to be careful. This is really hard, only works out well on lower difficulties, if you get swarmed you can't kill fast enough.
To do: shotguns and mines (i.e. the crappy guns): shotguns per cost are terrible, and you only get two clips. Ok against raptors though. Land mines are terrible against big dinos since they have too much hp, but great for farming raptor nests.
Play with jeeps
Clearcut forests with captured small dinos.


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