Basic starters guide (for humans)

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Basic starters guide (for humans) Empty Basic starters guide (for humans)

Post by Electric7 on Fri Mar 29, 2013 8:47 pm

When you are human... this is what your gonna do for the first 6 minutes.

1a. You may cut the trees at the middle for converting gold (More on that later)

1b. At starting, build 6 houses 1x1 square away from trees for faster harvesting (pros do 6 houses with trees. well, this is just a simple guide) Build Tent > Huge Tent > Fatass Tent

2. Build your wall, and 2 back walls to prevent Shades coming inside your base. (More on that later)

3. Build 2 Wall of Health (Hotkey is "F") near your wall so you can heal your wall.

4. Research Workers Motivation (Hotkey is "W") for more than 4 times to prevent from getting killed by Chain Lightning.

5. When the timer is 3:00, convert gold using the safest way. Here are some ways:
a. Use Divine Shield (Hotkey is "D") for 10 mana then Blink (Hotkey is "N") at the middle.
b. Use your Slayer or Slayeress enough to tank for (Ring + Stun) combo.

5b. Detonate also your workers to free up food.

6. Use your gold to build Slayer Vault (1 gold, 150 lumber. Hotkey is "V") from your human.

7. Build at least 3 lumber houses so your Furbolg Harvester can harvest properly.

8. Build Gold Mines at your base. After you got enough gold, you really need to upgrade your wall to Lvl 6 wall to keep of vampires.

9. When you feel safe, try saving up gold for Command Center ( Upgrade from Citadel of Faith )


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