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Post by GOGBLITZ BOSS on Sun Jun 03, 2012 1:45 pm

For dear members : The domain of this forum has expired , we move to the new forum , biggest VS community with 156 topics of guides . And others discussion that allow all members to share ideas and chat with friends .
DEMO for guests of forum :


For Administor of the forum:

I am GOGBLITZ , leader . is now a new forum and domain is safe.

We realize that why the players quit vampirism speed in no time :

I got some answers from experienced players :

Tattat : sien le.

Pwnbliss : if you add something i will come back.

Compter_korkor : done collage already , still no changes?

Seems like most of players is boring , just because that there is no new map , no new item , skins , or even buildings and skills.

So we only maked a map ' Vampirism Speed Revo '

But we cant do add anything ideas the forum has gathered and make into the new map without the creator 's file .

So i am here to request for the file so that the forum can make a new map.

We can prove the changes , but we are still gathering imformation for the new map.

visit my forum for prove and i will enter the new changes at here.


I want peoples to play the things i like to play , I want to share my dream with the world .
Which is Vampirism Speed , i wont let it die like this . I have come to save Vampirism Speed !
Without your aid , my plan will turned into ashes ! Without your aid , Vampirism Speed will gone ! FOREVER!
Without your aid , I will sad , without your aid , I cant play Vampirism Speed tomorrow and tomorrow , pernamentely............


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Post by AnonymousPro on Sun Dec 09, 2012 8:04 pm

forum spammer.


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