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Post by GOGBLITZ BOSS on Sun Jun 03, 2012 1:44 pm

For dear members : The domain of this forum has expired , we move to the new forum , biggest VS community with 156 topics of guides . And others discussion that allow all members to share ideas and chat with friends .
DEMO for guests of forum :


For Administor of the forum:

I am GOGBLITZ , leader . is now a new forum and domain is safe.

We realize that why the players quit vampirism speed in no time :

I got some answers from experienced players :

Tattat : sien le.

Pwnbliss : if you add something i will come back.

Compter_korkor : done collage already , still no changes?

Seems like most of players is boring , just because that there is no new map , no new item , skins , or even buildings and skills.

So we only maked a map ' Vampirism Speed Revo '

But we cant do add anything ideas the forum has gathered and make into the new map without the creator 's file .

So i am here to request for the file so that the forum can make a new map.

We can prove the changes , but we are still gathering imformation for the new map.

visit my forum for prove and i will enter the new changes at here.


I want peoples to play the things i like to play , I want to share my dream with the world .
Which is Vampirism Speed , i wont let it die like this . I have come to save Vampirism Speed !
Without your aid , my plan will turned into ashes ! Without your aid , Vampirism Speed will gone ! FOREVER!
Without your aid , I will sad , without your aid , I cant play Vampirism Speed tomorrow and tomorrow , pernamentely............


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Post by AnonymousPro on Fri Sep 02, 2016 6:13 am

SaMmM I hope you approve this. This is CuteCuterCutest, someone who loves playing your Versus base Defence maps. was long down and it was hard to find you, tried to contact you for approval but it's not getting responses.
I have, created a vampirismSPEED Another v1.00 in 2013 based on your last presented work.
It will still be vampirism SPEED, but may possibly set off with a different strategy of gameplay. Changelogs will be reflected here

Your approval and possibly raw files can mean something to this project. Thanks!
I do not know how much effort I'm going to put into the map, but hopefully it keeps getting updated.


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