J.P.E.E - v6.3 BETA

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J.P.E.E - v6.3 BETA

Post by DEAncientNaga on Fri Dec 24, 2010 12:52 am

Don't scold me if you wants to see what I suggest Smile

Quest Log & Commands (F9):
-GetJ-Park.tk (Official Download Site) doesn't exist...don't write it there.
-Regional Climates: Unmatched places direction and description
-Commands: (-follow me) is not working but (-follow) do
-Commands: (-find me) doesn't work
-Change Log stopped at Enhanced v5.1, I wish to know what it fixes

-Give all the buildings an self-destruct ability.

-Pterodactyl: Have further range than Electric Gate/Fence although both of them are melee (maybe because its a flying unit)
-Man Eating Monster Flies: Give them a 20% life-steal (1 hit point). Make it more like real eating flies Smile

Secrets or something:
-Hot spring also regenerate dinos' hit-points? i don't really like. Make it slower regenerate for dino

O.R.G.A.N.I.C :
-Must use [Defense Up] before using [Offense Up]?

Save/Load System:
-Make scoreboard of players (If you can do)

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