Few issue for JPEE

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Few issue for JPEE

Post by patty99 on Wed Feb 10, 2010 10:09 pm

This game is a very good game

If lets players cooperation to get Jurassic Score will be batter

players always solo in game

need more difficult mold

Jurassic III dion damage double dion HP double

Jurassic XI
dion damage triple dion HP triple

Jurassic XII

dion damage triple dion HP triple

kill dion get half gold

small dion spawning nearby survivor every 5 minute

Jurassic Crazed mold !!

dion damage triple dion HP triple

kill dion can't get gold

big dion spawning nearby survivor every 5 minute

if Jurassic Score more useful in crazed mold will be batter

400 Survivor HP become 160 in game start

500 Survior +2 Resource Gathering in game start

600 can make 6 S.A.T

700 MagaBird and Thunder bird Allows + 150% matter cell storage

800 Obliterator HP 750 Up to 1500

900 Adeption Sentry 1XX can equip item
like mech wall

1000 can get 1 free brainless bird in game start

1200 can get 1 free jeep

1500 Obliterator can equip item ( like THorn flower herb)

1600 Gun tower damage 10 up to 15

1900 allow to grab Adult Tyrannosaurus Rex

( many player always ask me how can grab Adult Rex Very Happy they love this )

2000 allow big dion can equip item

2200 can make 12 S.A.T

2500 Survivor damage up to 32 in game start

2600 MagaBird HP 650 Up to 1500

3500 MagmaBird have 4 weapon slot

4000 MagmaBird and ThunderBird can use more powerful weapon

4500 MagmaBird can use long range weapon

5000 can open news mold game time up to 2 hours in this mold can get double score

6000 Surviver can get 1 THorn flower herb in game start

7000 Surviver damage up to 62 in game start

15000 MagmaBird and ThunderBird use weapon or move whitout matter cell

like Obliterator

25000 MagmaBird and ThunderBird can equip item THorn flower herb

if this game have new hand mold will be friendly for new hand

Jurassic newI

survivor have 1000 HP

dion will attatk structure

cant get jurassic score

Jurassic newII

survivor cant dead

dion will not attatk structure

cant get jurassic score

just kill dion for fun Smile


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