Replay: Meeting with [MnP]Chuq_Noris

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Replay: Meeting with [MnP]Chuq_Noris

Post by alvinchiew on Wed Feb 10, 2010 5:24 am

Warcraft version : 1.24c
Vampirism Speed : 2.48d ( didn't notice is a fake map ) Replay file will not be uploaded*

Was actually trying my luck finding -VPS- clan members, but sadly didn't find any... while almost hope is lost i saw [MnP] Chuq_Noris ( a participant joining -VPS- clan tourney ), i played with him with 1-2 seconds delay, still can manage my base ... before 2 minute embarrassing to say, i fed him like about 15 gold... never know Brazilian Vamp Players would use Inferno " kinda underestimated them " after struggling to get in my base at early games, he went for other preys, didn't aimed me for a while, after leaving my base he went to get an Urn, and parked a shade nearby the slayer pool, he tried to kill some slayers but failed.. at 3minute plus he aimed yellow for some quick cash with Chain Lighting, from there he went back and get himself a TP Rod, and 2 Graves, he tried to grave Orange but failed so he switches target to Blue, which its Sapphire haven't been upgraded to Emerald.. from there onwards he gets a Sphere and went in to Host's Base.. With the foods he finishes Yellow and Blue Off the game... His final Items were Tiger, Doom Armor, Concoction, TP Rod, Ricochet Gem, and + 800 Shield, if i didn't upped my Faerie to lvl 6 and my end game to LVL 2 i maybe will lose so cheers for [MnP] Chuq_Noris

Replay file is unavailable

And some advice,

We do not KICK people just because they are feeders, you must understand Vamp without food is useless, if you the vamp and the host kick the base that you just break in what would be in your mind?

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Re: Replay: Meeting with [MnP]Chuq_Noris

Post by [MnP]Chuq_Noris on Wed Feb 10, 2010 5:43 am

how low the replay, I see this game, I wrote the wrong thing would be that
Kiter = Ban
AFK = Kick


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