Rules and Guidelines for Reporting bugs! Read before posting!

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Rules and Guidelines for Reporting bugs! Read before posting!

Post by SaMmM on Sat Feb 07, 2009 12:45 pm

General Rules and Guidelines

1. The Global Forum Rules apply
2. New ideas/suggestions for the game should not be posted here. Please post them in the new ideas forum.
3. Make sure your topic title is relevant to the type of issue/bug you are reporting.
4. Stay on topic. Please do not get carried off in different debates and discussions. Your reply should be contributing to the topic.
5. Do not report bugs from hacked versions. Hacked versions are not official and tend to have cheats inserted into the game.
6. Do not report bugs from old versions. Bugs from old versions may have already been resolved. (Old versions = more than 5 versions before)
7. Search the forum before reporting a game bug, in case it has already been posted.

Rules and Guidelines for Reporting a Bug

1. Before you report a bug, make sure that its a legitimate bug. A bug is any form of glitch that results in a dysfunction of the game.
2. Do not ask bug exploits/advertise bug exploits. If you found a exploitable bug, you should not publicize the bug nor encourage people to abuse it. Report bugs immediately and keep them to one topic.
3. Include the following information in the report:
(A replay will be appreciated, include the time mark when you encountered the bug during the replay.)
(Version of Vampirism Speed.)
(A clear description of the bug.)

Moderators and Administrators have the right to close/lock/delete/move the topic if they deemed it necessary.


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